About the Catcher

“I am of the wind, whose sound is heard, yet none know from whence it comes or where it goes.”  ~Esther of Susa/Hadassah bat Abihail, One Night with the King

My name is Ema Kahlan Lee. I am a writer, reader, creator, eater, sleeper, and dreamer. With the wind at my back, the world is my oyster and I am its pearl.


I speak in fluent randomese and analogies. My mind doesn’t process things the way the “general public” does. I am an observer, an analyzer. I could sit for hours staring outside a window and be content.

I have been diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, depression, have a corn allergy that causes me to become mute, ergo I am a partial mute, and will be getting tested for Autism, ADHD and dyslexia, and as you can tell from my first post, I will definitely be sharing my journey with you.


I am a tea addict, and love to mix and find new teas, especially fruit ones (hint hint for my birthday on April 1st. Aries baby!).

And speaking of Aries, astrology (and not the junk you get in magazines, but the actually study of stars and planetary alignments and how they have been shown and proven to mark effects and events in history) is an interest of mine, as well as numerology.

Music! Music is an absolute must for me, and once I figure out how to get music on here, I shall upload songs for your listening pleasure, including things from my sister Abana Rena.Um, let’s see…


Well, if I ever publicly posted anything about my political views, I might end up on the terrorist list and put in jail, which actually in America might not be too bad since I’ll get fed three times a day, be able to complete my college education for free, and if I’m lucky and get put in solitary confinement, I won’t have to deal with annoying people! So maybe I will put some things on here. Kidding, partially, but I am neither Republican nor Democrat, but if I had no choice but to choose, it would be the latter.

I am an INFJ (go introverts!), but because I am also a dreamer and of my more-oft-than-I’d-like debilitating depression, I can sometimes be perceived as an INFP (for those of you who don’t speak nerd, bing (yes bing, not google, and if you don’t have a bing account, shoot me an email (emakaylee@gmail.com) and I’ll send you the link to get started) the Myers Briggs test and take it!) instead.

I am a HUGE Terry Goodkind and Amy Patrick fan (and am also trying to get paper copies of their books. *hint hint birthday presents*) and I am definitely going to be referencing his Sword of Truth series and her Hidden Saga books, and very possibly be putting posts on here about it. Did I mention I am trying to get paper copies instead of digital copies of the books?!? Help a sister out!!! LOL

Be prepared for posts at all times of the day or night (most likely night) because #AWriterNeverSleeps #WeCreateStoriesInOurDreams #CaffeineIsMyFriend



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